Dream Interpretation: Magical

So here’s where we get into dreams that are beyond “just a dream.” 

They can contain messages from the meta-consciousness–I am a big believer in the psychic cloud, the idea that we are all connected up top somehow. Also, in dreams, spirits or deities beyond the tangible world could be reaching out to you. And on very special occasions, dreams can show us what’s to come.

So how the fuck do you tell if a dream is your brain puking up old ideas and stressors vs a deep message holding truths that will unlock your universe? Two answers, both true: 1) You can’t. It’s all special. 2) Your gut will tell you if it is worth listening to or discarding as brain babble.

Have you ever had a party dream? I feel like I mostly have them on full and new moons; everyone I know is together somewhere, talking and talking. I feel like, on some level, that connection is real. And I love it. What does this mean? I don’t know! Are we all karmically tied together? I like to think so.

When you dream about a person, and you feel in your heart you genuinely spoke to and connected with that person, I say go ahead and believe it. Now, whether you tell them or not is up to you/them/the situation. Some people will be totally open to hearing this; some people will block you on instagram and never speak to you again. (Their loss.) Just weigh the intensity of the dream, and the message therein, and remember it is your right to choose whether or not you share it; and also remember if the dream really was a subconscious conversation between you, you may not have to talk to them about it. After all, you already have.

Maybe the most popular magical dream in books and movies is a visit from someone who has passed away. Take comfort from these dreams when you have them; don’t be too cool and rationalize them away. 

Some dreams seem to be related not to people we know in this life, but a message from beyond this realm of consciousness. Figuring out what the hell that’s about can be tricky. 

One big feature of that kind of dream interpretation is gifts/items in the dream. If a person in a dream gives you something, that is an excellent symbol for what the vision is trying to tell you. Flowers, animals, and objects all have their own significance. Think about whether the object relates to your family, your past, or your life. Think about the function of the object; like if a dream features a compass, that stands for direction and navigation. My favorite recent magical dream, had right before the world shuddered on its axis, is that I was given a cloak and a crown in New Orleans, for Mardi Gras. My mom helped me put it on. Remember we can interpret dreams on both levels: on a mundane level, it represents digging myself very much and accepting my matrilineal influence/s while coming into my own self. On a magical level, the color scheme (pink and gold) ties into the New Orleans Voodoo aspect of my favorite goddess. So that was very good news.(I usually work with an archetype of her that is more tied to Santeria; I know that has its issues, but the Lady of the Sweet Waters came to me, so I work with her.) 

So how do you know if your dream is a message from a saint or deity? Colors, animals, and tools are all hints. My favorite books for this subject are: Animal Spirit Guides, Encyclopedia of Saints, Sages and Mystics, and Encyclopedia of Spirits. Animal Spirit Guides is a problematic-ass name for a book but damn, that man did his research and damn, it has helped me every time with dream animals, and animals seen irl. (If anyone knows a book about animal symbolism that has a less problematic title/author please please lmk.) The two encyclopedias have exhaustive indices that help you figure out who you’re looking for based on the content of the gifts/symbols from your dream.

I have been dreaming about leopards, too, and there is an association there with my main Goddess. I didn’t remember that fun fact until writing this. 

Lastly, the internet is there for you, tho it should be used with discernment. For every helpful page, there are 500 nonsensical pages. I may be biased from my day job as a librarian, but books are where it’s at. That said, some of the more obscure occult references can only be found online, because of the resources of the people who practice that craft (It often takes money and a white name to get a book published). So, just use your best judgement when googling. Look for that ding of recognition inside of you when you read a passage, and follow your gut.

Lastly, we have good ole precognitive dreams. One fantastically trippy concept is that dreams exist beyond time. So, perhaps a precognitive dream is actually your future self thinking about something, and relaying that message back to past you. (*Bill and Ted voice* Whoa.) Should this be the case, it is not out of the realm for the you of today to send a kind message to your past self. Give it a shot sometime; it’s very therapeutic.

I personally have found precog dreams to be symbolic, and perhaps more intense than the actuality; for example, I’ll dream someone visits, and then they call. I used to have these types of dreams all the time as a kid, and it’s what led me to the practice of divination as my witchy specialty.

So, if you dream something that is a hint for the future, but it has an element of fear or intensity–like, someone dies–know that it is not a note-for-note representation of what will actually happen in this reality. Examples: Death is transformation. Pregnancy is creativity. Illness is struggle. Keep that in mind when you have a dream of the future that seems scary, and remember you had this dream as an aid to yourself, not to make yourself sick over it.

Good night, dear hearts, and I’ll catch you in the Psychic Cloud.

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