Aquarius, the Star, and Leo Season

I realize now I didn’t write about Cancer season. That’s because it’s unfathomable to me. Get it? The water? It’s water stuff. Idk about that.

But seriously, I was too overwhelmed by July-in-St.-Louis and the emotional depth of our current circumstances to articulate much. Now here we are, in Leo season, and I’m here for it.

Tonight/tomorrow is the Aquarius full moon in Leo, and that’s sort of my jam, if by “my jam” you mean the placement in which I’ve had a nervous breakdown in the past. But that’s ok; nervous breakdowns are when your body/undermind finally tell you that your current path is no longer manageable for you. So your brain/body do a fun little system wipe to make you recalibrate. Honestly, most people have one sooner or later, and I wouldn’t want to be the kind of person who can’t take a hard reboot occasionally.

Because I am an Aquarius with a Leo moon, this yearly summer placement is my opposite, and I’ve learned to ride the waves that come with that (I think-slash-hope). I can accept the intensity (I’m pretty sure). I have learned from the past to have more honest conversations with my authentic, unique self (at least that’s the idea; “how do I know if I’m having an honest conversation with myself” is a philosophical question on which we could spend a loooot of time).

So, since the moon is in Aquarius right now, I want to talk about the Aquarius tarot card: The Star. It falls between the Tower and the Moon in the deck; between the shattering of an old foundation and an unknown spiritual growth ahead. This is an apt place for the Star’s function: Hope.

Hope is the classical/simple interpretation of card number 17, though the Star is more complex. (This is an Aquarian thing to say; I’m aware; I’m pleased with my choices.)

It’s a guide; it’s a dream; it’s the embodiment of optimism combined with purpose. It arrives to illuminate your path.

It’s about the future, and the good things that could come in it.

It has an altruistic vibe; why make a better future for just yourself, when you can do it for others, too?

Our celestial lady is usually shown pouring water from the heavens, into a stream on the earth. This represents pulling formerly unreachable knowledge down to where it can inspire the minds below.

The Star is, in short, some Aquarius shit, and I love it.

So how does Aquarius partner with Leo? Aquarius and Leo are opposite signs. They are fixed air and fire signs, respectively. As I have said before, all opposite signs have a bridge between them. Being fixed, Aquarius and Leo aren’t screwing around with other people’s opinions (though both signs have an uncanny awareness of them). Fixed signs tell the world, “I am me–what are you going to do about it?” And it’s hard to keep jobs with that attitude, but damn does it make for some truly unique people.

Aquarius is about how one can help community/society as a whole; Aquarians can see the big picture, though sometimes they miss personal details. And Leo is about understanding and loving the self with the kind of effortless poise that only a cat can muster.

I think this dichotomy is on my mind for two reasons: one, because of my aforementioned personal connection to these signs, and two, because we are all facing a care-for-myself/look-out-for-others awareness check at the moment. We must be informed, but we must love ourselves well enough to operate. We must pursue self-knowledge so we can heal and flourish, but we can’t check out on the other eight billion people on the planet. And if we’re going to function under a time that feels desperate, terrifying, and plainly bleak, we need the Star.

We each, as individuals, must embrace some form of future-thinking, some kind of vision for a better time than this. We each need to come up with a path to follow, and discover new wisdom to guide us on that path. We all have to search for a way to climb out of this collapsed world, and into the next. And we won’t be able to do that without looking inward, as well as out–it is up to each of us to acknowledge and work on our inner selves (and unconscious trauma responses) so we can be authentically loving to the other people in this world. So we can be any damn help at all.

So, you know, no big deal. Just examine yourself+your role in society+your past+your possible future and synthesize this into a loose plan for how to survive 2020 whilst simultaneously ushering in a new era of better living for all peoples!

I know, that sounds a little complicated. But Aquarius doesn’t mind complication, and Leo will never back down from a challenge. As the holiest prophet of my rap-rock youth said, “What better place than here? What better time than now?”

Drink in this moon; burn your burdens; take it one thought at a time; and know, dear hearts, that the Star is always with you. Even when the dusty debris of a broken down system seems to blot it out.

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